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Boasting more than 25 years of experience in the real estate industry

Boasting more than 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, Norman Hernick has established himself as a versatile professional with a proven track record across a range of roles such as real estate developer, planner, financier, and property manager in prominent urban centers such as Toronto, Houston, and New York City. His extensive expertise spans micro- and macro-financial analysis, market trends, and demographic insights, enabling him to identify and capitalize on lucrative real estate opportunities that may elude others.

Currently serving as the General Manager at Gencorp Developments, Inc., Norman Hernick leverages his wealth of knowledge to guide the company towards success by making strategic decisions and implementing innovative approaches to real estate development.

His academic background from the University of Western Ontario in Canada provided him with a solid foundation, studying under distinguished Harvard-trained professors, equipping him with the necessary skills to navigate complex business challenges and thrive within the dynamic real estate realm.

Norman Hernick’s proficiency in negotiating intricate deals, overseeing land assembly, conducting detailed financial analysis, and executing effective marketing strategies demonstrates his comprehensive skill set, allowing him to manage all facets of real estate development and management with precision and expertise.

Apart from his professional accomplishments, he derives pleasure from activities such as golfing, skiing, and swimming, while also actively supporting various charitable causes in his community.

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