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Elevating Interventional Precision with Braidin™ Introducer Kit by APT Medical

The introducer sheath is a critical component in the field of interventional procedures, influencing the outcome of every operation. The innovative Braidin™ Introducer Kit from APT Medical, a renowned brand in the fields of vascular intervention and EP, is setting new industry standards.

Introducing Braidin™: A pioneer in Interventional Care

The Braidin™ Introducer Kit, a flagship product by APT Medical, boasts a unique metal mesh braided structure designed for optimal kink resistance. This innovation ensures a thin wall and a large lumen, empowering healthcare professionals in transradial procedures. The introducer sheath’s braided shaft provides excellent kink resistance, coupled with a very small outer diameter, ensuring reliability in every application.

Features that Set Braidin™ Apart

This exceptional introducer sheath goes beyond the ordinary with its thinner wall and smaller outer diameter design. The thin wall minimizes patient discomfort and pain, offering a seamless experience. Notably, the Braidin™ Introducer Kit opens avenues for approaching Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO) via radial and distal radial arteries. It facilitates hemostasis, allows free movement of the hand, and boasts significantly reduced complication rates compared to the traditional Transfemoral approach.

Smooth and Easy Insertion, Tailored to Perfection

Smooth tapered transition reduces puncture resistance, lowering the incidence of complications during insertion. The distal hydrophilic coating enhances smoothness, ensuring a hassle-free experience for healthcare professionals. APT Medical’s commitment to excellence is evident in the Braidin™ Introducer Kit, offering a full range of sizes and specifications, including over 88 sizes ranging from 4F to 24, with variable sheath lengths from 7cm to 25cm.


APT Medical’s Braidin™ Introducer Kit is the epitome of precision, reliability, and innovation in interventional care. Elevate your procedures with confidence, backed by a product designed to meet high standards of excellence.

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