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Enhancing Air Quality and Performance: The Role of DC Micro Fans in PM2.5 Air Detectors and Small Digital Products

In the quest for improved air quality and efficient performance, miniature cooling fans have emerged as essential components in PM2.5 air detectors, sensors, and small digital products. Among them, the AC2006 DC micro fan stands out as a reliable and suitable cooling solution. YCCFAN, a reputable brand known for its cutting-edge cooling technologies, offers DC micro fans with the perfect specifications for these applications. With their compact size and impressive features like glass fiber reinforced plastic construction and CycleSeal bearing, these miniature cooling fans excel in regulating temperatures and ensuring optimal performance.

Size Matters: The Perfect Fit for PM2.5 Air Detectors and Sensors

AC 2006DC micro fans, with their compact dimensions of 20x20x6mm, are an ideal cooling solution for PM2.5 air detectors and sensors. Their small size allows for easy integration without compromising performance. YCCFAN’s micro fans are specifically designed to provide efficient cooling while maintaining the overall compactness of the air detection system.

High Performance Construction: Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Build

YCCFAN’s DC micro fans feature an impressive construction that includes a glass fiber reinforced plastic impeller and housing with a PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) rating of UL 94V-0. This robust build ensures durability, resistance to heat, and protection against potential hazards, making them ideal for demanding applications such as air detectors and small digital products.

Optimal Operating Conditions: Temperature and Insulation Resistance

DC micro fans from YCCFAN are designed to excel in various operating conditions. With an operating temperature range of -10°C to +70°C, these fans can effectively cool devices even in challenging environments. Additionally, their insulation resistance of 10 meg Ohm minimum at 500 VDC ensures reliable performance and safety, providing peace of mind for users and manufacturers alike.


Miniature cooling fans, such as YCCFAN’s AC2006 DC micro fans, play a pivotal role in maintaining optimal performance and regulating temperatures in PM2.5 air detectors, sensors, and small digital products. With their compact size, superior construction featuring glass fiber reinforced plastic, and impressive operating capabilities, these micro fans provide efficient cooling in demanding conditions. The 20x20x6mm dimensions make them an ideal choice for space-constrained applications. YCCFAN’s commitment to delivering high-quality cooling solutions ensures that their DC micro fans meet and exceed industry standards. Choose YCCFAN for your cooling needs, and experience the benefits of reliable and efficient miniature cooling fans in your PM2.5 air detectors, sensors, and small digital products.

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