Game chicken Hi88 – Instructions on how to play cockfighting game for new recruits

To be able to win when participating in Game chicken Trang Chủ Hi88, it is important to have the ability to analyze and choose the right chicken. Each cock participating in the fight brings different states and health. Comprehensive assessment and analysis are based on the sharing of experts Trang Chủ Hi88 will help you make accurate decisions and receive many rewards.

Game chicken Hi88 – Emotions are sublimated with fighting cocks

Participation in cockfighting Hi88 Online or watching live cockfighting is becoming the latest trend today, especially through bookmakers Hi88. On the bookmaker’s unique platform Hi88, you will be immersed in the attractive atmosphere of matches taking place in famous arenas around the world.

No need to travel to the cockfighting stadium, just sit at home and connect to the Internet to experience all the fun easily. In particular, gamers also have the opportunity to bet with extremely attractive high reward rates.

Currently,  Hi88 has become one of the largest cockfighting venues in the online betting market. This is thanks to the safety, transparency and full legal license of the bookmaker’s platform. All of these factors help ensure the reputation of the company Hi88, giving you complete peace of mind when participating in betting.

Why should you participate in cockfighting? Hi88?

In reality, not everyone has the ability or conditions to travel to the cockfighting venue and watch these matches directly. In this case, joining this house becomes a much more optimal choice. Not only does it help eliminate location restrictions, but it also brings a few highlights as follows:

Participation is easier

You can experience and bet on cockfighting anywhere just visit the  Hi88 website. Even new members have just started participating to learn the rules and how to play cockfighting Hi88, it is easier for new recruits to understand and participate. This house provides a lot of instructions and support for everyone to easily access and participate to experience the best entertainment moments.

Many extremely satisfying matches

Hi88 Currently cooperating with many famous arenas in the region and around the world. Among them, it is impossible not to mention Cambodia, Thomo, Thailand, Philippines and Mexico. The house constantly updates information about the newest and hottest matches to fully meet your needs.

If you are worried about not being able to watch cockfighting live Hi88 During the broadcast time, don’t worry too much because you will see the archived video on the cockfighting section of the game Hi88. In particular, we ensure that the confrontations take place with sharp, high-HD images, with stable resolution and extremely vivid sound.

Thanks to this, you can comfortably experience the passionate atmosphere just like when you are sitting on the field. At the same time, you can also experience betting without worrying about encountering too many differences.

Has an extremely high payout rate

Cockfighting section Hi88 Not only does it attract customers because it has an attractive and outstanding bonus rate among providers on the market. With competitive odds, Hi88 proud to be a partner that players can choose.

  • Meron door: Odds up to 0.84.
  • BDD door: 1:8 ratio, an opportunity that is hard to miss.
  • Wala Door: Ratio 1:1.

Not only stopping at high reward rates, this house also takes special care of its players by providing promotional packages and high reward refund rates when losing bets. This is a huge advantage, highlighting our playing field compared to traditional bookmakers.

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Rules of cockfighting Hi88 online

Rules of cockfighting Hi88 Online cockfighting is similar to traditional cockfighting, where the fighting cocks are carefully cared for and trained before participating in betting on matches in the cockfighting ring. In order to ensure equality between brothers, the pair of fighting chickens will have the same weight, and each chicken will be equipped with an additional knife to increase the power of the kicks.

You can recognize two different fighting cocks through the flexibility of the colors pasted on them. The match will be supervised by a referee, who will ensure player credit and compliance with the organization’s regulations.

Odds will be announced before each match, providing more flexibility for you to consider and adjust your bets.

Each match will usually last from 10 to 15 minutes, until both fighting cocks can no longer continue the match. At that time, the match will stop and the result will be determined based on the following rules:

  • The surviving chicken is considered the winner, while the dead chicken is considered the loser.
  • Any cock that cannot continue in the next round will be considered a loser.
  • If a cock competes without fighting, biting or attacking its opponent within the prescribed time period, it will be considered a loser.
  • If the chicken runs away or does not continue to fight, it will also be considered a loser. A cock handicapping its beak twice and stopping for 9 rounds between the two fighters will be considered a draw.

Instructions for participating in cockfighting betting Hi88

To participate in the exciting atmosphere of this sport right in your bookmaker, just connect to the Inter network and use your personal account. Following are the detailed steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the cockfighting website Hi88, click on Register and fill in your personal information.
  • Step 2: Confirm your personal information and move to the Login section.
  • Step 3: Choose a cockfight Hi88 that you want to join > Then, click on Play Now.
  • Step 4: Choose one of the two evil plans currently in the arena.
  • Step 5: Wait for the results after about 10 minutes, and if you win, the money will be transferred directly to your account.

Experience in cockfighting betting Hi88 from leading experts

You should refer to a few cockfighting tips Hi88 Super standard online below:

Research the types of bets Hi88 provide

Hi88 always strive to research and diversify types of cockfighting bets Hi88, to bring optimal experience to players. But to fully enjoy the benefits, players also need to take the time to understand each type of bet.

Mastering the rules of cockfighting betting Hi88 Online and having in-depth knowledge about types of bets will help players become more flexible and confident when participating. At the same time, this is also the key for you to be able to make accurate decisions, thereby improving your chances of winning each match.

Analyze the cockfighting history table before deciding to bet

The cockfighting history table is not only an important source of information but also helps players make correct choices when participating in betting. Referencing the competition history along with the results of the cocks in matches not only captures the performance and fighting style of the cocks. It is also the basis for making a decision to bet on the door with the highest win rate.

Bet on cockfighting online at the bookmaker Hi88

Hi88 Highly appreciated by experts as a reliable and top quality address to participate in online cockfighting. Here, you can easily follow and bet on every cockfighting match Hi88 From small to large all over the world.


The above sharing is about the cockfighting experience Hi88, hope you will understand better Hi88 in general and especially about online cockfighting. Wishing you moments of relaxation and fun when participating in the above cockfighting experience Hi88.

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