Instructions on how to play Catte and the most detailed rules of the game

How to play Catte at Jun88 bookmaker is one of the most interested information. If you want to learn about the rules of the game as well as how to participate in each round, read this article!

Regulations on the number of participants in Cat Te

Regulations on the number of players when playing Cat Te

To start this game at Jun88, you need at least 2 participants and a maximum of 6 people. When starting this game, the dealer will give each participant 6 cards.

If you want to know how to play Catte, you must understand the white-winner rule

There are a few players who have won white when participating in sandbox betting. In How to play Catte You will win if you fall into the following cases:

  • There are four quarters
  • The 6 cards dealt by the dealer are all the same color/suit
  • 6 cards with a value less than 6 are also considered white

In case there are many people participating but are counted as winning, then the strength of the cards will be determined. Specifically:

  • In Cat Te there is a rule that: Four of a kind is the largest, then 6 is the lowest card and finally the smallest is the deck of cards with 6 cards with a value less than 6.
  • The four-of-a-kind set with a larger value will be counted as larger. For example, quartile 10 is larger than quartile 7.

Detailed steps to play Catte at bookmaker Jun88

If you understand the information above, you can absolutely start your fun with the game Catte. The way to play is generally very simple, so you can participate and earn great rewards for yourself.

Place a bet to start the fun

If you want to participate, you must bet money

Before starting a game, each player needs to place a bet. When all players have finished, the dealer will proceed to distribute 6 cards to each participant.

How to play Catte from round 1 to round 4 is super simple

In the first game, the dealer will have the right to start the game. However, in the following games, the opening right will belong to the winner of the previous game. The winner of the opening will choose a card from their set to play.

Next, the remaining players will take turns finding ways to block with cards of the same suit, but the value must be higher to block. Regarding the bets between participants, it will be in counter-clockwise order.
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If there is no suitable card to block, you will now have to place a card face down and accept to skip your turn. As for the rule in How to play Catte This also applies to the 3rd, 4th, 5th player and so on throughout the game.

This process will continue until the 4 rounds of sand te play are officially ended. If any player has their cards face down consecutively for 4 rounds, of course they will be immediately eliminated from the Catte game and lose all their bets.

How to play from round 5 to round 6

The last person with the highest card will be the winner

If after the 4 rounds we mentioned above in how to play catte, if there are still at least 2 players left, the 5th and 6th rounds will be conducted. The winning player in round 4 will be the one who has the right to open the game by playing a card. At this point, the remaining opponents will have two choices as follows:

Play a card of the same suit to block the opener, but must meet the higher value criteria to gain control. If there is no higher card to block, then clear How to play Catte stipulates that the player must place one card face down and keep one card in his possession.

Finally, round 6 will be the round that decides who gets the final victory. Dealer Jun88 will proceed to turn over the last card being held. And for other players, they will also do the same. The overall winner will be the person whose last card is larger than the dealer’s last card.

Things to keep in mind when playing Catte

The remaining players, after completing round 1 to round 4, will continue to compete in the last 2 rounds, to be able to determine who is the winner and receive money from the house. In case there is only one player left after 4 rounds, that person will be considered the winning player, without having to compete in the last 2 rounds.

The information above in the article has provided you with the regulations on the number of players, as well as the steps to participate in each round. How to play Catte. Besides, we also provide you with cases that need attention so you can confidently participate after finding out the above information!

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