Khai Vuong Chicken Scales – How to Distinguish and Notes When Taking Care

Chicken scales open the king is one of the important factors that help cockers accurately point out talented fighters. However, not all players have enough knowledge to identify this feature. Therefore, to quickly choose a good fighting cock, you can follow the information Jun 88 Share below.

Chicken scales open up and how to identify them easily and accurately

You probably know that the scales are an important feature that affects the fighting style of the cock. Among them, King Scales is continuously hunted and sought after by cockfighters:

Basic characteristics for chickens to have king scales

According to sharing, to possess this characteristic, the cock’s scales usually have 4 rectangles stacked on top of each other and located close to the toes. If you look closely, you will see a vertical stripe in the middle that resembles the Chinese character Wang.

Based on experience, Chicken scales open the king appears very rarely. In particular, fighting cocks are often very talented with a fierce fighting style. Therefore, cockfighting enthusiasts often rely on this characteristic to choose fighting cocks.

How to identify extremely accurate chicken scales

If you do not have much experience, you will easily be confused in choosing the right fighting cock. Therefore, players need to grasp the specific distinctions below:

  • Based on the position, you can know the difference between the ten-spur scale and the opening king. Please note that one side is located near the toes and the other side is located near the spur.
  • The cock has 6 scales that do not affect the position, arrangement and fighting ability.
  • Players can identify it by observing to see if the scales run to the toes to create a dragon shape.

Find out whether chickens have scales or not?

As said, Chicken scales open the king appears very rarely. In particular, this is also a factor that helps players identify good fighting cocks. The scales are likened to armor that can protect and reduce the opponent’s damage when attacking.

According to experience from experienced cockfighters, chickens with this characteristic often possess the ability to deliver powerful, vicious blows that quickly defeat the opponent. Their fighting style is extremely stable, stubborn, and unyielding. It is no exaggeration to say that they are classified as divine chickens.

How to take care of chickens with scaly scales, the cockerel master needs to know

Although there isChicken scales open the king But if you want the chickens to develop fully, the breeder must know how to care for themtrain they. Therefore, to own an undefeated chicken, you should pay attention to the following issues:

Pay attention to the barn to ensure hygiene for the chickens

This is the first factor you need to ensure if you want your cock to grow healthy and less likely to get sick. According to knowledge about fighting chickens, farmers need to pay attention to some important points such as:

  • The barn should be placed in a dry, ventilated place, cool in the summer and warm in cold weather.
  • Regularly clean up manure and clean the barn so that the chickens can have it Chicken scales open the king grow in a safe environment.
  • Be sure to wash the food trough and water cage every day to avoid disease-causing parasites.

Nutritional regimen when raising chickens with scales

During the raising process, nutrition is an important factor for chickens to have Chicken scales open the king muscular body development. Below are some farming experiences that many people apply:
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  • The main food is rice and cereals, but you should not feed them directly, but wash them, remove the husks and soak them until they germinate. This will help chickens digest food more easily and increase their ability to grow.
  • Should diversify nutritional sources to provide more protein, zinc and vitamin D to help chickens have strong bones, creating an advantage in fighting.
  • Feed at a fixed time frame during the day and regularly monitor to quickly grasp symptoms and effectively prevent and treat diseases.

Focus on exercises to develop fighting cocks

In addition, to maximize the strength of fighting cocks Chicken scales open the king, you need to design appropriate exercises, specifically:

  • Pushing on crutches with devices develops chest and wing muscles, jumping increases the ability to maintain balance during competition.
  • Walking on a spring train trains quick reflexes, practicing crawling and riding on the tail of another chicken to increase patience and determination in fighting.
  • Climbing over tall objects trains endurance in difficult environments.
  • In addition, you should regularly massage with turmeric and sunbathe every day.

Above is all the important information about Chicken scales open the king that players need to know. Hopefully through this you will have in your hands a satisfactory fighting cock that is undefeated against all opponents. Don’t forget to follow the fierce matches on BK8 for exciting betting opportunities to make money.

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