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NewStar: Your Trusted Log Rack Supplier for Businesses

Efficient firewood storage is crucial for businesses in the United States, whether they are Amazon sellers, brands, or offline hardware stores. NewStar, a leading log rack supplier, understands the unique needs of businesses when it comes to storing firewood. With their durable construction, weather resistance, and easy assembly, NewStar log racks provide the ideal solution for businesses seeking reliable and efficient firewood storage. Let’s explore the key features and benefits of NewStar log racks and why they are the preferred choice for businesses in the industry.

Unmatched Durability for Long-lasting Performance

NewStar log racks are constructed using 1.2mm thickened steel tubes with a double powder-coated finish. This sturdy framework resembles bridges and ensures the racks remain sturdy, even under the weight of a substantial amount of logs.        Designed to withstand heavy usage, NewStar log racks provide businesses with a durable solution that will last for years.

Weather Resistance for Year-round Firewood Storage

NewStar log racks are designed to protect firewood from dampness and bugs during any season, including rainy weather. The elevated design keeps the firewood off the ground, facilitating easy stacking and preventing moisture buildup. The downward air vents on the racks promote dry ventilation, reducing potential condensation and moisture, and keeping the wood dry and ready for use.

Easy Assembly for Quick Setup

NewStar log racks are designed with easy assembly in mind. The racks come in parts, including several bolts with nuts, flat washers, spring washers, metal pipes, and crossbars. With clear instructions and minimal components, businesses can easily assemble the log rack in a short time. Ensuring the bottom portion of the logs wood rack is equidistant with the top prevents the rack from forming an “A” or “V” shape.


In conclusion, NewStar log racks are the ideal solution for businesses in need of efficient firewood storage. Their unmatched durability, weather resistance, and easy assembly make them the preferred choice among Amazon sellers, brands, and offline hardware stores. With 1.2mm thickened steel tubes and a double powder-coated finish, these log racks can withstand heavy usage and last for years to come. The elevated design protects firewood from dampness during any season while promoting dry ventilation to keep the wood ready for use at all times. With easy assembly instructions and minimal components, setting up a NewStar log rack is quick and hassle-free.  Trust in NewStar as your reliable log rack supplier to meet all your business’s firewood storage needs.

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