OKVIP Cockfighting trick – A trick that causes pain in the betting community

For those who have a passion for betting on cockfighting on online platforms, they have probably heard of the problem. cockfighting trick in various forms of bad objects. They carry out a series of sophisticated frauds that make “unsuspecting” players easily fall into the trap. Please follow my article OKVIP Let’s explore from A-Z the tricks to absolutely limit your risks!

What is cockfighting trick on social networking platforms?

Cheating cockfighting is a term used to describe fraudulent tricks from betting players, putting players in a weak position and appropriating the money they have invested in different types of bets on the online platform. In fact, cockfighting is a folk game where the determination of victory or defeat depends entirely on the fighting potential of the cocks and the application of strategy as well as the luck of the bettor to bring profit.

However, many cheaters, for their own benefit, apply a variety of tricks to the course of the match to change the course of the match to their liking. Subjects who can cheat include cockfighters and people participating in betting, or there are also less reputable bookmakers who also cheat members to find ways to make a profit.

Most cockfighting matches on online platforms are broadcast from many large cockfighting arenas in real life, so the impact of the case cockfighting trick is very likely to happen. Partly because when participating in online channels, it will be very difficult for players to recognize the signs and sophisticated tricks of scammers.

The most popular forms of cockfighting deception today

The game of cockfighting is becoming more and more developed as digital technology makes betting activities easily accessible to many different groups of players, so this situation occurs. cockfighting trick has also become more diverse and sophisticated than ever. Below, follow our analysis of some tricks that every brother needs to know.

The tricks of the cock master

Usually the strategies implemented by cockers cockfighting trick is to use many drugs that can boost the chicken’s fighting power. Similar to humans when participating in sports competitions, fighting cocks can also become strong and aggressive at a certain time thanks to stimuli such asromantic, doping,…

Trick from players

It’s not just cock masters who do it cockfighting trick Members participating in betting can also collude and collude with bookmakers or bookmakers to commit fraud to benefit themselves. Assuming that the outcome of the match has been pre-arranged, these subjects will invest money in a chicken with weaker fighting power to distract other players. The successful fraudster, after receiving the profit, will divide it equally between the parties who have colluded.
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The house’s tricks

For bookmakers with poor reputation and quality, they will be able to perform many tricks during the process of organizing betting matches, causing inexperienced bettors to easily fall into the trap. Some behaviors frequently used by bookmakers include:

  • The bookmaker does not pay: In cases of being scammed when participating in online cockfighting, bookmakers can offer “virtual” benefits to attract members to bet, after receiving the money. If they get a profit, they will refuse to pay the player’s bet.
  • Fake results: Because they are the unit that directly operates the betting organization system, they can completely trick fellow bettors easily through falsifying results.
  • Collusion with cockmasters: Cases where players are defrauded when cockers and bookmakers collude with each other using many tricks. ockfighting trick to create or arrange an outcome contrary to the majority of members who have placed money.

Note: Currently, there are many cases of fraud taking place in the online cockfighting betting market, so your important job is to invest your time to learn, research and Collect thorough information about the bookmaker, thereby finding a reputable, quality address to place bets, absolutely limiting the risk of causing us to unjustly lose capital.


Through this article, we have provided bettors with a lot of important information about the format cockfighting trick. Hopefully you will apply this to your betting process to absolutely avoid cases of sophisticated fraud from many bad people.

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