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Streamlining Laboratory Operations: Tianlong’s GeneFlex Nucleic Acid Extractor Revolutionizes Sample Processing

As laboratories worldwide strive to enhance efficiency and accuracy, Tianlong’s GeneFlex Nucleic Acid Extractor emerges as a game-changer in genetic testing. This innovative device, awarded the German Red Dot Design Award in 2021, not only exemplifies cutting-edge technology but also redefines the standards of nucleic acid extraction by integrating automation and flexibility into daily laboratory practices.

Advanced Design and Flexibility

The GeneFlex Nucleic Acid Extractor is designed with a unique rotary mixing technology that allows for highly efficient sample mixing, minimizing the risk of contamination—a key factor in high-throughput environments. This system supports configurations of 16 x n throughputs, offering unmatched flexibility to cater to diverse project demands without cross-interference. Whether for clinical diagnostics or research applications, GeneFlex provides a reliable solution that adapts to various testing needs with its independent extraction modules.

Automated Efficiency

In the fast-paced world of molecular diagnostics, efficiency is paramount. GeneFlex excels by automating critical aspects of the extraction process. From the automatic identification of reagent protocols to the positioning of mixing sleeves, the system ensures streamlined operations. Additionally, Tianlong has equipped GeneFlex with capabilities for remote upgrades and maintenance, ensuring that the extractor remains at the forefront of technological advancements without necessitating frequent manual interventions.

User-Centric Features

The GeneFlex Nucleic Acid Extractor is not only about performance but also about enhancing user experience. It boasts a 6.86-inch touchscreen interface, with optional control via smartphone or tablet apps through a WiFi connection, making it accessible even in remote settings. The unit’s design includes an internal UV lamp and HEPA filtration system to maintain a sterile environment and minimize the risk of contamination. Furthermore, its noise-free operation and automatic shutdown after UV disinfection demonstrate Tianlong’s commitment to safety and convenience.


Tianlong‘s GeneFlex Nucleic Acid Extractor sets a new standard for nucleic acid extraction technology. With its award-winning design, exceptional flexibility, and user-friendly features, it stands out as an essential tool for laboratories looking to optimize their genetic testing processes. This device not only supports the practical needs of modern labs but also aligns with Tianlong’s mission to deliver superior molecular diagnostic products that advance human well-being.

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