Summary of effective fish shooting methods for rookies in 2024

If you are a person with a deep passion for the mysterious ocean exploration game genre, you should not ignore the effective fish shooting methods in my article. New88 The following. Because here we will summarize all the good tips shared by experts, ensuring you will bring yourself huge profits when participating.

Overview of online fish shooting

Before delving into effective fish shooting methods, let’s take a look at some information about this attractive type of betting. Basically, this is a type of online game with rewards that can be converted into cash, giving you the opportunity to get rich.

With super awesome graphics, high quality sound and countless different species of sea creatures, it brings a fascinating experience when you participate. Not only that, most of these games are meticulously designed by the publisher in every detail, ensuring you will be captivated the first time you visit.

Furthermore, the fish shooting game does not have any complicated rules that are suitable for all players. Your mission is very simple, just access your favorite game, then choose a room and shoot the creatures. The more you kill, the more profit you will receive.

Advantages of participating in fish shooting at  New88

In addition to learning effective fish shooting methods, you should discover more outstanding advantages of this attractive game at  New88. Surely you will be attracted and satisfied when participating. Accordingly:

  • Most of the fish shooting games at New88 always have an impressive interface, great graphics, and realistic sound. You are guaranteed to be excited as soon as you access the game lobby.
  • The variety of fish shooting games will help you not feel bored while experiencing.
  • The app is designed to be compatible with all devices, making it more convenient for players to participate and download to their phones easily.
  • The winning rate is quite high and the bonus withdrawal process also happens quickly through a variety of transaction forms.
  • New88 is a classy bookmaker that regularly organizes super promotions from first deposit, refunds to countless other Free gift events.
  • At New88, we provide a variety of different rooms to help players make choices that suit their abilities.

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Some effective fish shooting methods for beginners

The above section has introduced to you information about this famous cash reward game at bookmaker  New88. In the following section, we will reveal to you highly effective methods of shooting fish. Accordingly:

Swarm shooting method

When you participate in this game, you will easily see that there are a few times when creatures appear in groups. Therefore, you should wait until these fish gather in a group before starting to shoot.

Thus, the more numerous the fish are, the higher the rate of effectiveness and the process of destroying them will be. However, large fish often swim along, so you need to be careful to choose the right time otherwise you will waste bullets on them.

Single effective method of shooting fish

The next method when participating in fish shooting at  New88 you need to apply is to watch for odd swimming creatures to fire bullets. Basically you just need to use a few coins and then shoot at targets that are walking alone.

The outstanding advantage of this type of bullet is that it does not need to spread and the process of defeating them also happens better. However, there are some people who often use level 2 bullets to shoot continuously until they die.

This method of shooting fish often results in losing a lot of coins on a single target. Therefore, to limit this situation you should only release about 3 to 4 pellets. If they do not die, ignore them and look for another creature.

Shoot large targets

The next effective fish shooting method you should apply is choosing big targets. However, this strategy is only suitable for experienced players who have accumulated a few thousand coins or more.

Because to defeat the target, it is usually necessary to use bullets with a level of 6 to 7 cents per bullet. However, once they die, the points received will be several hundred times higher and include many other gifts.

Effective method of shooting fish through increasing bullets

A simple tip for playing fish shooting that brings the highest efficiency that you can apply is to increase bullets. Accordingly, at first you should shoot each animal 1 bullet and then raise it to release, then when they die, the points they will receive will be more but the coins spent will not be much.

This is considered a quite effective method and is used by many veterans in the profession when participating. So you should also apply immediately to ensure you get huge bonus points during the experience.

Choose powerful weapons at the right time

The last effective fish shooting method you can apply to ensure you don’t waste bullets in vain is choosing the right time. Basically, you just need to time the other player at the target and squeeze in a few shots. Also, upgrade your weapons to a high level so that when they die, you will receive more points.


The content of the above article has shared with you some of the most effective methods of shooting fish when participating in this game at  New88 https://new889.blue/ .Hopefully it will help you learn more good strategies during the experience and bring in huge bonus points.

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