Summary of Some of the Most Common Soccer Betting Terms

In the world of soccer betting, players often hear the following Football betting terminology. There are people who find it difficult to understand why these terms are only known to football bettors. The article below from New 88 will share all the most common and common terms when participating in online soccer betting!

What is the term soccer betting?

In the world of soccer betting, the words used to refer to actions and activities are: Football betting terminology. These terms can have many meanings such as: betting form, match time, names of types of bets offered or betting results, etc.

Players who want to grasp bets accurately must clearly understand the terms of bet names, names or bet types, etc. This will create favorable conditions for bettors to participate in soccer betting as well as Increase your chances of winning bets.

Some of the most common soccer betting terms

These terms will help bettors clearly understand the types of bets as well as how to bet. If you do not understand clearly, the player’s reward hunting process will become difficult. Below are some of the most common soccer betting terms Bookmaker New88 Summary for player bets:

Asian handicap terminology

Asian Handicap is a type of bet that shows the difference in scores and different factors in a football match. The special feature of this type of bet is that players are only allowed to bet on the upper and lower bets (there is no draw).

However, when the two teams have a difference in level, it is easy to guess which team will win. The handicap will be given to balance the winning ability of both in the Asian handicap.

In Asian handicaps, bettors can also encounter some Football betting terminology Commonly used as:

  • Handicap handicap: is another name for Asian handicap. This term is often used quite commonly when players participate in discussions and bets.
  • Handicap 0.25: This is the term if the favorite team ends the match with a draw. And the player who bets on the upper hand will lose the bet and lose the bet amount.
  • Even ball bet: this is the term for a bet on two teams with no difference.
  • Over: A term used to refer to the stronger team, the handicap team or the favorite team.
  • Odds: The term for the rate used to convert the bet payment to the player when winning the bet.
  • Underdog: Used to refer to the weaker team, the handicapped team or the underdog team.
  • Shaking bet: also known as running bet. This is the term for the type of bet on the ongoing match.
  • Odds: Words indicating the betting odds of each match given by the bookmaker.

In football betting terminology, Asian handicap is the most commonly used. Because this is the type of bet that many players love the most. Players can choose this type of bet if they want to win big when participating in soccer betting.

Terminology of European odds

Overall, the Football betting terminology European odds are not too much. This is a type of bet with extremely simple rules. Bettors do not need to care about anything but just predict the winning team in the match. This type of bet is suitable for newbies who are just joining and integrating into the world of soccer betting quickly.
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In European betting, the following are some familiar terms compiled by New88:

  • 1X2: this term refers to another name for European handicap. Bettors will often see this term more systematically than the official name.
  • 1: Used to bet on the home team to win the match.
  • 2: Bet on the away team defeating the home team.
  • X: used to bet on 2 teams drawing.
  • 1X: Player bets the home team to win or draw.
  • 2X: You bet on the away team to win or draw.

The term over/under betting

Football betting terminology Over/Under bet refers to the type of bet where the player bets on the total number of goals scored by 2 teams. The bettor’s only job is to predict the total number of goals scored in a match. If the total score is greater than the number of goals given by the house, the player wins the bet. On the contrary, if it is less than the odds offered by the house, you will lose the entire bet amount.

Other popular soccer betting terms

  • Female: A term used to call an online soccer betting house.
  • Down: Players gather all their capital to bet on a match.
  • Going out: A term used to refer to a situation where a bettor can lose all their bets.
  • Inshore: A term referring to a player who wins a bet and has the opportunity to continue betting on football.
  • Fragrant odds: Represents types of bets with extremely high winning rates. Therefore, bettors should not ignore when these types of bets appear.
  • Rotten bets: Players should stay away and limit money down on these bets. To know exactly which bets are good or bad bets, players can consult with betting experts. Or visit reputable soccer betting forums to learn more
  • Main ball: Only major football tournaments in the world such as Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, …
  • Bet: The player loses all bets when betting on a match.
  • Release the bet: When the bettor feels that there is a high possibility of losing the bet, he/she will switch to betting on another team.
  • Cross bet: Players use a sum of money to bet on many different football matches.
  • Betting: Evaluate the match to find the bet with the highest winning rate.

Just now these are Football betting terminology that New88 wants to share with players. Hopefully with this useful information, you can easily win big when participating in soccer betting. If you want to participate in soccer betting, please register with New88 – the most reputable online bookmaker today. There are always a variety of bets with high payout rates waiting for players to explore.

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