The Easiest Uno Card Game Rules Anyone Can Apply Immediately

Uno card game rules are very important for those who are just starting to participate in the game. If you know how to bet effectively, people will soon win big prizes Nhà cái New88. Many interesting brain hacking tables are waiting for bettors to explorer in abouthand Huge discount. The content of today’s article will provide us with specific information to quickly join the game successfully.

Instructions on the detailed rules of playing Uno card game

The Uno card has a total of 108 cards that are randomly shuffled to give each member of the table 7 cards. The rest is placed face down so we can pick it up when needed. The dealer will assign one player to pick the first card to play first and we need to block the opponent from leaving before it’s our turn to play clockwise.

The rules of Uno card game stipulate that members can intercept cards of the same color or number. If you own leavesblack (special function) can appear at any time without having to take a turn. In case there is no suitable card, everyone will draw 1 more card from the remaining face-down part on the table. If the opponent’s catch is met, you need to play immediately to avoid losing your turn.

The betting game will continue in rounds until one member only has 2 cards left in hand and needs Uno to announce. If you forget to bet, you must draw 2 more cards from the community deck. As long as whoever hits all their cards, they automatically win in the end. The system then calculates the points to summarize the corresponding rewards and penalties for each player’s bet at the table.

Uno has its own card blocking principle unlike other games

How are rewards calculated in the Uno card game rules?

NEW88 will add up the losing points of all members at the table to calculate the reward for the winner. The dealer is applying basic rules to the remaining cards that players have not played as follows:

  • Cards are usually numbers from 0-9 and are scored according to the corresponding value.
  • Card Draw 2, No Turn or Change: 20 points.
  • Leaves Change Color, Change Color Draw 4: 50 points.

Uno card game rules stipulate that games will continue until a certain player at the table wins 500 points. And the system will add all the loser’s points to whoever finishes first in each round. If we are lucky, after 5-7 successful bets, we can freely receive huge discounts in our pocket easily.

Understanding the rules of Uno card game helps you calculate winning points effectively

Tips to beat Uno undefeated everyone should know

If you want to become a professional Uno bettor, just mastering the basic gameplay is not enough. We need to know how to effectively apply some of the following good tips to quickly put our opponents in a difficult position to win:

The most cards of the same color should be played first

The rules of playing Uno stipulate that if the first player does not play a card with a special function, we are allowed to play a card of the same color or number. Players should prioritize which color they own a lot to push ahead and gain the advantage of hitting them all early. Because just by solving the cards in the hand effectively, victory will be ours.

Know the functions of special leaves to use when necessary

You cannot ignore special cards in the Uno card game rules. They will help the bettor turn the situation unexpectedly to block another member’s first return line. Some important functions everyone needs to understand are as follows:

  • Skip Cards: causes the next player to lose their turn.
  • Wild Cards: can change card color give next turn to have the right to block successfully.
  • Reverse Cards: change the round to play in the opposite direction.
  • Draw 2 Cards: used when the opponent goes first and releases a card of the same color as the +2 card you have.
  • Wild Draw 4 Cards: choose the color for the next turn. At the same time, the next player who blocks will have to draw 4 more community cards if there is no corresponding card to play.

Understand the rules of playing Uno to use a variety of strategies

If you want to avoid being caught by your opponent, bettors must apply a variety of Uno playing strategies. For example, combining many leaves of the same color and remembering what other members’ trees are like will help us strengthen the functional tree to make it easier to win. Or everyone can play Reverse or Draw Two continuously to create the best advantage on the table.

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In general, to bet on Uno effectively always requires people to be flexible and sensitive. As long as we seize the opportunity, we don’t have to worry about missing the opportunity to come first and earn the best bonus points after each turn.

Having a smart way to play helps bettors always be proactive in the game


Above is all the detailed information about the Uno card game rules sent to bettors. Let’s take a look at the details to understand how the game operates and find the right strategy to help you earn rewards most effectively. Guaranteed many extremely attractive refunds from NEW88 are waiting for everyone to take home. Therefore, customers should be quick to not miss any luck that comes their way.

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