Ultimate Dragon Tiger 2023 guide for new players

The article below willDragon Tiger guide – the most detailed knowledge. This is one of the most “sought after” online games today. With simple gameplay, easy to play, easy to win, diverse betting options, super attractive reward rates,… Follow New88 for more useful knowledge.

Introducing the game Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger (or Dragon Tiger) is a real money card game originating from Cambodia. With the development of technology, this card game is also integrated into an online game. Becoming a favorite and popular product at most online bookmakers.

When participating in online play, you will also receive extremely detailed Dragon Tiger instructions from the dealer. To easily access more playing tips and useful experiences to make a profit.

In addition, Dragon Tiger is also highly appreciated for its series of unique and interesting betting options. You can freely choose for yourself countless different and extremely rich forms. This is the reason why this online game is so popular.

Accordingly, like other card games of the same type, the game uses 6-8 decks of Western cards. Each side of the Dragon and Tiger doors will be dealt 2 cards.

However, the Dragon Tiger guide has a difference compared to other card games. That means the player will not fight against the house/Dealer or any other opponent. The way to participate is that you will bet directly on either Dragon or Tiger side. Then, based on the scores of the two doors, determine the winner and loser.

Dragon Tiger Guide – Knowledge from basic to advanced that players should know

Below are the most detailed shares about the Dragon Tiger game from basic to advanced. Let’s follow along to quickly understand, apply and succeed with this interesting subject.

Check out the most common terms

Each different card game has common terms that make it unique. Players need to understand and remember to avoid risks such as confusion, wrong bets, and wrong bets. Below is a summary of the most frequently appearing terms. Read and find out now.

  • Dealer: The person who deals cards at the Dragon Tiger table. Their job is to regulate and stabilize the game, deal cards and announce the results.
  • Dragons: One of the main types of bets that you will bet on. Usually recognized by the color red.
  • Tiger (Tiger Door): Similar to the Dragon door, this is also the main door in the game with the characteristic blue color.
  • Tie (Tie): When the Dragon and Tiger doors have the same number of points. However, the win rate of this hand in one game is extremely low. Therefore, according to Dragon Tiger’s instructions, you must consider carefully. And you should only start with a small capital when participating in this door.
  • Card number: Cards from A to 10.
  • Human face cards: J, Q, K cards

Bet types of Dragon Tiger

The Dragon Tiger guide below will introduce you to the most common types of bets in a game. To be able to make the most accurate choice, increase your chances of winning.

Follow along for details:

  • Dragon – Tiger Bet: These are the two main bets in the Dragon Tiger game. Your job is simply to choose which door is bigger to get your money in. The payout ratio when you win is 1:1.
  • Tie bet: Tie wins when the Dragon is equal to the Tiger. The tie payout ratio is extremely attractive, up to 1:8.
  • Red – Black Door: Bet on the Dragon or Tiger door, when flipped, it will be red or black. The winning player will win 1.05 times the capital invested.
  • Odd Even Bet: Predict whether Dragon or Tiger will have even or odd points. The payout ratio is 1:0.75.

Instruct Dragon Tiger to calculate card points

The online Dragon Tiger game uses 6 – 8 decks of Western cards (excluding Joker cards). To limit card counting tricks of bettors. The deck of cards is also shuffled evenly before being divided among the bets. Thus, you may encounter a situation where the Dragon and Tiger doors have two identical cards. Specifically, Dragon Tiger’s scoring method follows the following conventions:

  • Each card will correspond to its face value.
  • Cards numbered from 2 to 10 will correspond to the number of points on them, regardless of card nature.
  • Cards with human head symbols also have corresponding values. The J, Q, and K cards will have points of 11, 12, and 13 respectively. The K card is considered the biggest card in the Dragon Tiger game.
  • Card A is the lowest value card in Dragon Tiger, corresponding to 1 point.
  • In addition, there are some rules for calculating even, odd or red, black.

After reading the Dragon Tiger instructions on how to calculate points above. You can completely calculate your own points at the betting shops to determine whether you win or lose. So please remember carefully to avoid confusion and make the correct choice for yourself.

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Why is the Dragon Tiger card game so popular?

“Dragon Tiger Guide” is one of the most searched keywords in recent times. Especially on betting forums, words such as: rules of the game, how to win of this game are also becoming hotter than ever. So why is this game so “sought after”?

Right below, let’s go together New88 Let’s take a look at 5+ outstanding advantages of this game.

Customize the appropriate bet level

To create opportunities for anyone to have fun and make money through betting. Dragon Tiger game halls all allow players to customize different bet levels. From small numbers like 20K, 30K, 50K, … up to several million VND.

Depending on your own abilities, capital, experience, and tactics. You will be able to make the right and most suitable choices.

Rich reward system

Dragon Tiger includes many betting options such as Dragon, Tiger, Draw, Even, Odd, etc. Corresponding to separate payout levels. Especially the Draw bet with a winning rate of up to x8 times the capital invested. The rules of the game are extremely simple. This is the reason why so many beginners are looking for Dragon Tiger guides. It can be said that the game is an extremely attractive profit-making opportunity that everyone should try.

Join Dragon Tiger anytime, anywhere

Not limited by time or space like traditional versions. Dragon Tiger Online allows players to access entertainment 24/7. Just via a phone or computer with an Internet connection.

This helps you be more proactive during betting time. Especially, newbies who know the game for the first time. Read the instructions Dragon Tiger can try whenever he wants. Practice now to receive the most valuable gifts for yourself.

Transparent betting space

As mentioned in the Dragon Tiger guide above, this is a game of red and black. And players will not directly oppose the Dealer or other gamers at the table. Which will only be based on the value of the cards opened at the Dragon and Tiger doors. This helps you minimize risks such as: fraud, bad play, etc. from opponents. This is an advantage that not every game has.

In addition, the Dealer/system will open cards directly before the player’s eyes. This proves that this is a fair game and there will be no cases of changing the results.

Easily learn more useful experiences

It is a game that has been around for a long time. Therefore, previous experts have compiled countless extremely effective playing experiences. You can easily access these Dragon Tiger instructions easily. By following and participating in betting forums. In addition, at reputable bookmakers there will also be a Blog section for you to learn skills.

Besides, you can also learn many things from previous players. This helps you quickly grasp effective skills and become a card master.

How does a Dragon Tiger bet play out?

Learn in detail how to play the game through the detailed Dragon Tiger guide below.

Step 1: Choose a betting table

Each table will require different maximum and minimum bets. Gamers participating in the table must bet within that required range. Therefore, you need to read the Dragon Tiger instructions and consider carefully before entering the game.

Step 2: Choose to bet

Once at the table, the bettor will have a certain amount of time (about 30 seconds) to adjust the bet level. By using the up (increase) and down (decrease) arrows.

After the time has ended, it will no longer be possible to choose. Also if you have already booked, comeplank Next, the new player can adjust again. The higher the bet, the more money you spend. Correspondingly, the payout is also larger and if there is a loss, the player also loses more.

Step 3: Choose a bet

After adjusting the bet, the bet will officially enter the game. Dealer deals cards at both Dragon and Tiger doors. The player’s task is to predict and make the most reasonable and accurate betting choice.

Dragon Tiger instructions are that players will choose to place one or more bets. Which door you choose, you will click on that box. Each click corresponds to one bet, please pay attention to avoid making wrong bets.

Step 4: Track results

Continuing, the Dealer will turn over the card at the Dragon and Tiger doors. The side with the higher score wins and the bonus will be received in the betting wallet.

Experience playing unbeaten Dragon Tiger – Effective instructions for Dragon Tiger

Instructions for playing Dragon Tiger below will reveal to you the most effective card playing experiences. All come from top players and experts. Follow along to learn more useful knowledge and increase your chances of getting rich.

Martingale – Instructions for Dragon Tiger to play folding

This is a method favored and trusted by many bettors in the card game world. Accordingly, in the first game, you will bet with a certain amount of capital. And take it to bet. If you win, you will receive that capital and profit. In case of loss, x2 initial capital in the next game. Keep doing this until you win.

How to play folding in Dragon Tiger is extremely effective. If you win, you will receive a huge amount of capital. However, bettors need to have a stable source of capital. And make sure the money source will not be stopped midway. Otherwise, you will fall into a passive position and suffer heavy losses.

In addition, you should not use double betting if you participate in a Draw. Because the probability of a Draw is extremely low. In addition, if you win with a tie, you also need to give it to the house.

Update game results

This is an extremely effective Dragon Tiger guide and has been successfully applied by many people. Normally, card game betting games will have identical results according to a certain rule. If you grasp this string, you can easily make a winning choice. To do that, you need to go through the synthesis process. And study history thoroughly and seriously.

Dragon Tiger Guide – Capital management

Effective capital management is how players preserve financial resources. As well as minimizing cases of loss and nothing. Below is how to use capital of a master, please refer to it.

  • You determine the playing amount as 100%. The betting limit for the day is 50 – 70%.
  • Each game should only bet from 2 – 10% of that day’s capital. Especially don’t play big with the “all or nothing” mentality. Because most of the time you will “fall” if you follow your feelings.
  • Divide winnings (if any) at the ratio of 50:50. Half is used to play again the next day, half is used for life.
  • Have a goal of reaching the bonus level every day, at that point whether you win or lose, you stop. To avoid pitfalls that lead to losing bets.


The article above is theseDragon Tiger guide Most detailed for bettors. Hope the above information is useful and helps you win. Wish success. Don’t forget to follow us to learn more useful knowledge.

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