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Unleash the Power of Ultra-Fast EV Charging with Winline Technology’s Electree Cypress


Revolutionize your EV charging experience with ultra fast ev charging, the pinnacle of ultra-fast charging technology developed by Winline Technology. Designed to meet the demands of the European market, Electree Cypress sets a new standard for efficiency and reliability. Dive into its advanced features and discover why it’s the ultimate choice for EV owners.

Advanced Performance

Winline Technology’s Electree Cypress combines unmatched data processing capabilities, intelligent dispatching strategies, and superior heat dissipation, delivering optimal charging efficiency. Compatible with European and Japanese standard DC interfaces, it ensures seamless charging for a diverse range of EVs, setting the benchmark for performance.

Safety Redefined

At Winline Technology, safety is paramount. Electree Cypress incorporates a comprehensive protection design and proactive monitoring system to ensure a secure charging environment. By analyzing charging data in real-time, they detect anomalies and issue timely alerts, prioritizing the safety of both vehicles and users. With Winline Technology’s commitment to safety, Electree Cypress incorporates multiple protective measures and active monitoring systems. By continuously analyzing charging data, they swiftly detect abnormalities and alert users, ensuring the safety of both vehicles and users throughout the charging process.


With Winline Technology’s ultra fast ev charging, you can usher in the age of extremely quick electric vehicle (EV) charging. Designed specifically for the European market, this cutting-edge charging station redefines effectiveness and convenience. Discover the innovative features of Electree Cypress, which is improving EV charging infrastructure. Electree Cypress by Winline Technology represents the pinnacle of ultra-fast EV charging, offering unmatched performance, reliability, and safety. With its state-of-the-art features and seamless integration, it’s the ideal solution for EV owners seeking convenience and peace of mind. Embrace the future of sustainable transportation with Electree Cypress and Winline Technology.

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