What is cockfighting game?

Small eyes are the best choice for Vietnamese fighting cocks vnew88. The chicken’s beak is mostly short and curved, symbolizing the swift action of the beak. The cock’s comb must be vertical, not curved to the left or right. If the cock’s comb is bent that way, it means it will eventually face the possibility of being blinded by the cock’s comb on the battlefield. The smaller the chicken head, the more flexible it is. The bigger you get, the more sluggish you become. Face shape The longer the face from beak to ears, the better. It symbolizes quick action. The chicken body must be long, the chicken wing feathers should be as long as possible, and the chicken wings should be as close to the chicken body as possible. The above are the immutable opinions of chicken enthusiasts. Although they may not be accurate, they can also be used for research and reference. Appearance characteristics The feather color of Vietnamese fighting cocks is mainly black, red and gray. There are also feather flowers, reed flowers, purple and white jujubes. The feather color is more mixed, and its crown is shaped like a Chinese fighting cock. But more irregular, with large and hanging (water-like) earrings, most adult roosters need to be removed. Physical characteristics: tall, red

For a long time, cockfighting in the early spring festival has become one of the important events during Tet for Vietnamese people. Cockfighting in the early spring festival is widely held at village fairs in rural Vietnam, and it is also held at some urban pagoda fairs.

Most of Vietnam’s cockfighting competitions are held during the Lunar New Year, and the Dong Jifang Pagoda Fair in Cishan city is the earliest cockfighting competition in Bac Ninh province, Vietnam. Many players bring their roosters to the competition, and according to local legend, the winning rooster will bring the owner good luck for a year.
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Cockfighting in Vietnam originates from the Vietnamese folk custom of worshiping the rooster. In Vietnamese folk beliefs, the rooster’s crowing drives away demons, makes the sun shine at night, and is a symbol of good fortune. Buddhist house. Therefore, ancient Vietnamese people held cockfights during Tet and spring to pray for good luck in the new year.

  • In new rounds of the game, there will be 2 roosters randomly selected by the system to fight each other
  • Players will be responsible for choosing betting chips and betting on the corresponding doors within the specified time
  • After the game ends, the system will automatically notify the final winning chicken result
  • If the player bets the same as the announced system result, he will win and receive a bonus according to the corresponding odds.

At the same time, we can also allow players to try and play real games. With the trial version, you can experience the game completely for free.

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