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Building Bridges Between Theory and Practice in Industry Research( in China) at Antai College

Antai College is devoted to performing influential industry research in China. A key player in the expansion of knowledge and the improvement of business processes, Antai College has strong ties to the field of management and works to advance social and economic growth. Let’s take a closer look at Antai College‘s approach to industrial research and see how it integrates theory and practice to make a difference.

Principles of Antai College’s Industry Research

Antai College’s industry research¬† in China is firmly rooted in the management practice in China. By closely aligning research initiatives with the needs and challenges of the Chinese business landscape, the college addresses real-world issues and provides practical solutions. The research conducted at Antai College aims to promote social and economic development by generating insights that drive innovation, enhance productivity, and contribute to sustainable growth.

Strategy: Connecting Theory with Practice

Antai College employs a strategic approach to industry research that emphasizes the integration of theory and practice. The college embraces two types of scholarship: horizontal (academic) and vertical (industry). Through horizontal scholarship, faculty members engage in rigorous academic research, contributing to the advancement of economic and management theory. Vertical scholarship involves collaborating closely with industry partners, allowing for the application of theoretical knowledge to real-world contexts.


Antai College’s commitment to industry research in China is driven by its principles of being rooted in management practice and promoting social and economic development. By strategically connecting theory with practice through horizontal and vertical scholarship, Antai College’s research initiatives generate valuable insights and contribute to the advancement of economic and management theory. Through its focus on bridging theory and practice, Antai College continues to make significant contributions to the growth and innovation of industries in China.

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